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Privacy Statement


Protecting the privacy of our merchants is a matter of great importance to CONNECTUM (together with all successors and assigns, hereinafter "CONNECTUM", "we", "us", "our").
We want our merchants to understand what personal information we collect and how we use it.

To provide our merchants with transaction processing services and related products, including but not limited to credit card, charge card, debit card, loyalty card, gift card and stored value card transaction processing services, as well as other value-added products and services that we may offer or that a merchant may request from us and we agree to provide to merchants from time to time (collectively, the "CONNECTUM Services") as effectively and conveniently as possible, we may provide our affiliates (and other organizations that help us serve our merchants) with access to personal information provided to us in the course of our relationship with our merchant customers.

"Personal Information" is information about identifiable individuals directly connected with the merchant. The merchant and each such individual are collectively referred to herein as "you" or "your".
Your application for CONNECTUM Services, and/or your continued use of the CONNECTUM Services constitutes your consent to CONNECTUM’s collection, use and disclosure of your Personal Information, as set out in this Privacy Statement.

Please be advised that if you withdraw your consent to our collection, use and disclosure of your Personal Information in accordance with this Privacy Statement, we may not be able to provide you with the CONNECTUM Services.

1. Why We Collect Your Information
We gather your Personal Information so we can:
(i). evaluate the merchant's application for the CONNECTUM Services;
(ii). underwrite the merchant's account;
(iii). process the merchant's transactions;
(iv). manage all billing processes;
(v). enable fraud protection and risk management processes;
(vi). provide merchant account servicing;
(vii). offer you other products and services; and
(viii). support CONNECTUM ’s legal compliance obligations.

2. Confidentiality and Security
Within CONNECTUM and our affiliates, we restrict access to your Personal Information to those employees who need to know that information to provide products and services to you.
We have established physical, technical and administrative security processes that are commensurate with the sensitivity of the information collected to safeguard Personal Information and we employ an independent auditing firm to test the effectiveness of the systems and practices that we have in place.
Recognising that technology is continually developing, CONNECTUM implements new procedures and technology improvements on an ongoing basis to further safeguard your Personal Information.

3. What Information We Collect and How We Collect It
During the course of our relationship with the merchant, we may collect the following types of Personal Information about you in the following ways:

  • Personal Information, such as your date of birth, home address, home and mobile phone numbers, social insurance number, driver's license information and other identifying information that CONNECTUM receives from time to time from the merchant on the application form, on other forms or otherwise;
  • Personal Information that may be delivered in connection with the merchant's transactions with CONNECTUM;
  • Credit and financially-related Personal Information that CONNECTUM receives from consumer reporting agencies, such as credit bureau reports and other information relating to credit-worthiness; and
  • Credit and financially-related Personal Information that CONNECTUM receives from other sources, such as the merchant's financial institution.

4. What Information We Disclose
Your Personal Information is disclosed to affiliates of CONNECTUM and other third parties to provide you with the CONNECTUM Services. For example, certain CONNECTUM Services are provided to you through CONNECTUM’s affiliates, and it may be necessary to share your Personal Information with these affiliates.
CONNECTUM may also disclose your Personal Information to third parties in the normal course of business, including but not limited to:
(i). payment networks, and the members of such networks;
(ii). electronic funds transfer networks;
(iii). clearing and settlement banks;
(iv). service companies that perform business operations for CONNECTUM, including but not limited to account statement preparation and mailing services;
(v). CONNECTUM's marketing partners who will advise you of new products and services from CONNECTUM to assist in the growth and development of your business;
(vi). courts, independent auditors, law enforcement agencies and other governmental authorities, bodies or agencies in response to subpoenas, to prevent fraud, during the course of an audit or examination or as required by law; and
(vii). collection agencies, credit reporting agencies, business credit bureaus or other parties associated in collecting any debt owed by the merchant to us.

CONNECTUM requires all such third parties to maintain the confidentiality of information provided to them by us. Service companies and marketing partners are also prohibited from using Personal Information for any reason other than to provide the specific products or services intended. CONNECTUM reserves the right to transfer Personal Information in connection with the sale of all or part of its business or assets.

5. Additional Rights and Modifications
This Privacy Statement does not apply to your relationship with your customers, your financial service providers or with your other vendors. We may amend this Privacy Statement at any time, and will post the amended Privacy Statement on our Internet website at https://connectum.co.uk/.

6. Want to Learn More?
If you would like to learn more about how we use your Personal Information to deliver you with the best services and products, please contact us during regular business hours.

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